Shio Koji

So now you made koji. Now what?

My favorite and easiest use of koji is to make shio-koji. 塩麴

Salt and water are added to koji, and left out for about a week to ferment, creating an umami bomb.

Shio-koji is very versatile and can be used as a marinade for any kind of protein, tenderizing the meat. It can also be used in a dressing or added to any sauce. It is a great salt substitute, and I throw it in all kinds of stir fries.

It is perfect for vegans as it adds the extra umami to vegetable dishes. 

To marinate any kind of meat, rub mixture around it and refrigerate overnight for beef/pork/poultry . Couple hours for seafood.

Measure bout 10-15% of weight of protein for koji for best results. (If protein is 1000g weigh 100-150 grams of shio-koji. 

As there is plenty of sugar it will burn easily. Wipe off excess koji before cooking.



Shio-koji recipe

400g koji

120g salt

600ml water


1.       Mix in koji and salt making sure all grains are separated.

2.       Put in sanitized container. To sanitize containers, simply pour boiling water and let sit for a minute and drain. Mason jars work well.

3.       Pour in water and mix. Leave ample space on top as the koji will release gas.

4.       Keep in a well ventilated, relatively cool and dark area. If left out I would recommend covering the bottle with aluminum foil to prevent light from getting in.

5.       Stir every day, gently swirling the bottle.

6.       It should take about 7 to 10 days, depending on the temperature of the atmosphere. It is ready when it is slightly thickened. You can also blend it at this point to homogenize mixture.

Tak and Mjinkoji, shiokoji